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Bulk SMS Management
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Bulk SMS Management
This is a powerful tool for bulk SMS marketing. Bulk SMS marketing or mass messaging is one of the best strategies for generating leads for your business.
Bulk SMS Management
Key Features
1 Send SMS to multiple customers
2 Add edit customers details to send SMS for marketing campaigns or promotions
3 Categorize confirmed, interested and not interested customers
4 Create categories with customer type. Send bulk SMS’s to customer categories separately
5 SMS composing is done with HTML editor. Preview each SMS before sending
6 SMS message is saved as SMS template. Create and customize multiple SMS templates
7 Get message history like number of SMS’s sent to a customer phone number. Add comment to customers details
8 Send instant SMS to an individual customer
9 Suspend an SMS template from the application
1 Bulk SMS management helps in product promotion and other marketing campaigns
2 Messages like promotions, reminders, alerts and special notice can be delivered fast
3 Fully customizable and scalable application
4 Helps customers to constantly engage in your companies updates
5 User friendly interface and helps in mass messaging
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