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Online Membership Management
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Online Membership Management
Online Membership Management allows administrators to manage all day-to-day needs of their members and allows them to subscribe, renew and manage their membership through a unique and custom-made and personalized online login area.
Newsletter Management
Key Features
1 Store every member and non-members information in this application
2 Generate automatic email responses for payment and registration confirmations.
3 Automatically issue invoices and reminder notices on a scheduled time
4 Create public and private groups
5 Remind members of their account expiry
6 Organize and automate event management
7 Search and sort all information
8 Customize members communication based on membership type
9 Connect pricing with membership levels
10 Create easy-to-understand, real time analysis
11 Allow new members to apply online
12 Use integrated e-commerce to provide online payment and renewal
13 Provide a safe and secure Members-only area
14 Give members control of their account and profile information
14 Allow non-members to sign-up for mailing list
1 Unlimited members can be added to the system
2 Easy to set-up, easy to learn, easy to use and easy to maintain
3 Customize the application as per your business requirement
4 Members would be able to renew membership 24/7/365
5 Provides information on upcoming Membership Expirations, New Memberships, Upcoming Events, Online Financial Transactions
6 Manage & communicate with members & non-members
7 Manage website content
8 Access Organizational Reports
9 Save money and think green
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